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Chani Pangali, PhD

Learning content is being created by a wider range of people than before, almost akin to creating a PowerPoint show. No longer is it the domain of a SME or a skilled programmer. This means organizations can respond to learning needs at the appropriate speed. They can also feature the true expert or genius behind a product in the learning content, rather than rely on "Learning Professionals". The result is to engage the customer or learner much more with the content, and to dramatically alter the ROI of learning. Content is cheaper to produce, and has a greater economic impact when produced and presented by an expert.


Extending Chani's comments...

So, learning professionals become learning media developers that facilitate informal learning. While the term developer might sound a bit scary, as the technology advances we see users as developers everywhere and all the time. What formerly took $1m worth of equipment and a sound engineer can be better accomplished with the least expensive Mac using Garage Band (one of several applications included in the iLife suite for $79).

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